Monday, January 30, 2017

Psalm for Sunday, February 5, 2017


“Light shines through the darkness
to the upright.”

The Psalm inspires us to have 
a right relationship with the Lord 
by becoming 'upright.'   
Having done so, having delighted
in God's commands, we begin to 
imitate Him and treat our brothers 
and sisters as He would do.

“Light shines through the darkness 
to the upright; he is gracious and 
merciful and just.”  These are 
heavenly qualities (being gracious, 
and merciful and just), and having 
God's light in our hearts
inspires us to do good works,
to “conduct our affairs with justice,”
“give to the poor lavishly.”

And as we measure out a good 
and generous measure, our measure 
is returned to us many times over.  
As the Psalm says, we will be lifted up 
from within; our "horn shall be exalted 
in glory."


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  The Psalm's verses are in keeping with this Sunday's Gospel
and the reading from Isaiah.  All three affirm that we people of
faith are the 'light of the world' and are motivated to do good deeds.  

Give an example of how your light shines through in the darkness.

2.  Our psalmist speaks of a man whose 'heart is firm, trusting in
the Lord,' whose 'heart is steadfast.'   In our world today, what makes 

you firm of heart and trusting in the Lord?



  1. Rudy H5:00 PM

    This Psalm puts the spotlight on humans, declaring that happiness is to be found in a life honoring the Lord and living according to God’s commandments. Such lives will enjoy God’s blessings. Though living in a dark and evil world, God’s people will be secure and steady because their hearts are with the Lord. Having themselves experienced God’s mighty acts on their behalf as well as God’s quiet, steady action of blessing, they will share with the poor what God has given them.

    It is also important to stress that the blessings of the Gospel are spiritual and eternal, and are conferred upon the members of the Christian church, through Christ their Head, who is the Pattern of all righteousness, and the Giver of all grace. Amen

  2. The newspapers, the TV news reporters, and friends and neighbors, all of us, focus way too much on all the negative news. We all must be the light that shines before others. We need to be positive and encourage family members, neighbors, friends, and all those we come in contact with, to share the good news. Never forget we are God’s voice, and His arms and His legs. That’s His plan. It’s up to us, to help Him carry it out!

  3. Frankly speaking I was a little bit shaken and vexed. Do you know why? My heart was not steadfast and secure, and I was away from the Lord's commands. I was confused about where true blessings come from.

    Here the psalmist reminds me and teaches me that the fear of God can lead to prosperity, security and freedom from fear. Living in this modern society, I am overwhelmed with so many worries and anxieties -- the fear of losing money, fear of the death of a spouse, and my own death in the future.

    Without trusting God completely to take of me, I realize I can not be a light to others. I know God guards the minds and actions of those who follow his commands. I have to learn how to treat our neighbors with love and faithfulness in the way I want them to be treated. God's light in my heart inspires me, motivates me to do good works, and equips me to be a better Christian, less angry and with more patience, love, and understanding towards my neighbors.

    If I continue to act with the love of God, others will see Jesus's light within me. Accordingly, God's glory will be uplifted. My good deeds and charitable works will shine through the darkness. At the same time my light within me will draw others near to God. In the end they too will give glory to God!