Monday, June 27, 2016

Psalm for Sunday, July 3, 2016


“Hear now, while I declare what He has done for me.”


The Psalm celebrates the awesome 
power of God, manifest in 'His tremendous 
deeds among the children of Adam.' 
Our psalmist recalls the dividing of the 
Red Sea, which delivered Israel from 
the Egyptians, through the favor of God. 
That same awesome power that split 
the Red Sea became available to the
early apostles of the Church, as they 
went about healing and doing signs 
and wonders.

Where does the power come from to heal 
the lame and drive out unclean spirits? 
It comes from the Holy Spirit, who empowers 
each of us to become a healing force within 
our family and our community. No wonder 
those early believers were eager to go forth 
into the towns and become laborers for His 
harvest, and to rejoice because their names 
were written in heaven.

We too cannot help but sing praise to God 
when we feel His presence within us. We 
proclaim His glorious praise, and we on earth 
worship Him, as our psalmist says.
We want all to know what God has done for us,
so we 'cry out to God with joy.'


Discussion Questions for Reflection
1.  Our Psalmist invites us, "Come and see the works of God."  
Give an example of the awesome power of God in your life.

2.  The verses of the psalm say, "Blessed be God who refused me not."   
Tell of how the Lord has answered your plea and your prayer.


  1. "Come and see the works of God.” I truly feel that I have been blessed with a beautiful and loving life partner and 4 wonderful sons and their families. We have our health, we have 9 grandchildren, we’ve traveled, and have had very interesting lives. We have wonderful & interesting friends, and we have “ENOUGH" worldly possessions. We thank God for all that He has given us.

  2. The psalmist proclaims God's glorious and awesome deeds and what He has done for us. To come to think of it, I have many reasons to praise and to thank God for his favors. I know He is a merciful Lord who heals the lame and drives out unclean spirits beset on human beings. I also know that nothing is impossible through Him. All his healing is available to us through the Holy Spirit.

    But I personally cry out for healing. For some reason my prayers have not been answered yet. I am so frustrated and in desperation and on the edge of giving up my hope. Now the trials I am going through are like the smelting process as fire refines gold and silver. I have realized my trials refine my character and give me discipline for new and deeper wisdom (endurance and a caring heart toward less fortunate, handicapped people).

    And also I have realized that if I hold on to sin in my heart, the Lord will not listen. Yet He has neither rejected my prayer nor withheld his love from me. Yes, our Lord is an awesome God who will surely listen to my pleas. Let us rejoice in him. He rules forever in his awesome power.