Monday, July 6, 2015

Psalm for Sunday, July 12, 2015

Psalm 85:  9-10, 11-12, 13-14  (Read)

"l will hear what God proclaims, glory dwelling in our land.”



Our psalmist knows the importance of
listening carefully for the voice of the Lord.  We too 

must listen attentively for the voice of the Lord and 
be careful not to miss his presence among us. 
“I will listen for what God, the Lord, has to say.”

How do we seek Him out?  Where do we find the Lord?
We find Him when we read and study His Word, 

His living Word, as fresh now as it was thousands
of years ago.   For His Word is as penetrating as 

a two edged sword, able to separate bone from marrow; 
convicting us; pointing the way to salvation; and providing 
us with an instruction manual for life.  (Hebrews 4:12 )
All we have to do is follow it.

As our psalmist cries out, “Near indeed is his salvation
to those who fear Him.”  For us Christians the Psalm is 

more than a cry.  It is a promise of salvation --
the psalmist prepares the way of the Lord.

The psalmist promises that the Lord himself will give us 

his benefits.  And what should we expect?
Nothing less than the coming of the Messiah himself.
That’s what happens when “Kindness and truth shall meet;”
when “Justice and peace shall kiss;”  when “Truth shall 

spring from the earth,” (when the Messiah is born).

The goodness and blessings that the psalmist speaks of
are fulfilled in Christ.  Where else would we turn
to receive real spiritual abundance?

For our Savior is truly “Glory dwelling in our land.”


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.   Our psalmist speaks of, 'Glory dwelling in our land,' and says that 

the Lord's salvation is 'near indeed' to those who fear him.   These verses 
suggest that our Savior is close at hand and accessible to all of us who 
fear Him.  Describe how our Savior is present to you.

2.  The Psalm says, 'The Lord himself will give His benefits.'  Tell of the 

benefits you are receiving from the Lord.

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  1. I took a moment to think about the following words, "The Lord himself will give His benefits." Why? Because He is the Messiah himself and promises Salvation. That's why He proclaims, "Glory dwelling in our land." He is present among us.

    If we study and listen to His living Word carefully, we won't miss His fresh touch of love. He revives me spiritually by forgiving my sins. He reassures me of His unfailing love and gives me peace of mind.

    The Psalmist says, "Surely His Salvation is near to those who fear Him." I have received His mercy so that I obtain His Salvation -- eternal life. He is my personal Savior. And so, goodness, blessings and protection from danger and evil follow me in Christ. Thanks be to God because His glory dwells in our Land!