Monday, June 15, 2015

Psalm for Sunday, June 21, 2015


Psalm 107:  23-24, 25-26, 28-29, 30-31  (Read)

“The Lord hushed the storm to a gentle breeze, 
and the billows of the sea were stilled.”


In the Psalm God saves the afflicted from the storms of life. 
And in this Sunday's 1st reading,  the Lord addresses Job 
out of the storm and reminds him that God alone can say,
“Here shall your proud waves be stilled!” (Job 38:11)

In today's Gospel,  Jesus saves the disciples from their storms 

of doubt that day on the Sea of Galilee.  (Gospel, Mark 4:39)   
The disciples were like those described in the Psalm:  
“Some went off to sea in ships; they saw the 

works of the Lord, the wonders of God in the deep.”

When we are facing the storms of life, where do we 

turn to be delivered from our distress?  We cry out 
to the Lord, as the Psalm says, “In their distress, they 
cried out to the Lord, who brought them out of their peril,
and stilled the waves of the sea.”

Storms at sea were a constant threat to the disciples, 

several of whom made their living as fishermen.    
In today's Gospel, the disciples are filled with awe and 
say to one another, “Who then is this whom even wind 
and sea obey?” (Mark 4:41)

That same power that delivered the disciples from the 

storm that day on the Sea of Galilee is available to us,
to strengthen us as we trade in deep waters and are 

tossed about.

We all rejoice when we are saved by the Lord.
As the psalmist says, “They rejoiced that the sea grew calm,
that God brought them to the harbor they longed for.”


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  In the Psalm the Lord hushed the storm and saved those
who sailed the sea.  Describe how God has intervened in your 

life and saved you from distress.

2.  Our psalmist says that God brought those sailors to the
harbor they longed for after the sea grew calm.   Tell how our Lord
has brought fair winds and following seas to your life and given you
the direction you desire.


  1. J Kim7:28 AM

    The summer season is the busiest time of year for moms like me. There's no school-day respite from the flurry of needs, places to be, and hungry tummies at odd hours. My daily life feels like a storm.

    The title for this week's Psalm commentary instantly brings me to calm seas: "The Lord hushed the storm to a gentle breeze." Why should I fear and stress when Abba Father is in control? He can hush a storm as if whispering comfort to a crying child. He can make hurricane-force winds weaken in strength to a gentle breeze.

    "Tropical Storm Bill batters Texas" reads the headlines just as we prepare to drop off one child in Houston for summer camp. Friends and family inquire if we're going to be okay. Are we still traveling on schedule? Rather than worry, I let that gentle breeze flow through me and know that the physical and spiritual storms of my life are calmed. Prayer and meditation help me to reset my bearings of faith in my Lord Jesus.

  2. Minn M9:02 PM

    I am very fortunate as God seems to intervene in my life and save me from distress many times. Most recently, was when my husband lost his job. We did not know what our future would be; my husband went on several interviews, but nothing came about. We had looked into selling our home, had Realtors come by and considered all of our options. After praying and having others pray for us, fortunately he found a job and we were able to stay in our house.

    Another example of how God has intervened in my life is when my son was suffering from depression. Our lives were suddenly turned upside down; we didn't know what to do. We were on edge with concern and fear. Through prayers and therapy my son is recovering.

    The importance of prayers, lifting things up to the Lord and and placing trust in Him have become more apparent to me. The Lord has shown me that I need Him and will remind me when I stray. Thank you God for intervening in my life and saving me. The intervention is an awakening for me to put God first in my life so He can continue to guide me and look after me.

  3. The image above inspires me once again to know that Jesus is the son of God who is in control. Even the winds obey his commend and the storm tossed-waves became stilled.

    Most of us are facing storms during our lifetime. I was afflicted for a number of years. I suffered from depression. Because of that I became a spiritual wanderer. I felt lost. Even if I was thirsty for His Presence, I stayed in darkness for a while.

    But finally I realized that I am serving the powerful true Lord who is able to break through to help me no matter how stressful the circumstances I am in. I am certain He will rescue me if I call out to Him in times of trials out of fear and anxiety like His disciples. I am thankful for his deliverance and unfailing love for me. Praise God!