Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Psalm for Sunday, July 21, 2013


Psalm 15:  2-3, 3-4, 5

This Psalm of David begins with a familiar question,
“Who may dwell on your holy mountain?”

Fortunately for us, David gives us answers that serve
as a lesson in how today's Christians are to behave
if we are to dwell in God's Kingdom.

David says, “He who does justice will live in the
presence of the Lord.”  For us this can mean
whoever has a right relationship with the Lord
will inherit God's Kingdom.  Whoever loves God
with all his heart and loves his neighbor as himself
is not far from the Kingdom of heaven, as Jesus
affirms to the scribe in Mark 12:34.

Jesus was born to bring us the Kingdom and to personify
the Kingdom of God to us humans.  If we follow what
our psalmist prescribes, we will find that we are able
to live now in the Kingdom of God, here on earth.

David describes what separates us from God and
His Kingdom.  Our separation is caused by the
sinful things that we do and the harmful habits
that we acquire willfully.  This separation can only
be healed through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus  shows us that the Kingdom of God is 

at hand and can for us become a present reality,
inside of us and within our community.  Just as 

David did, we hunger for God's presence; we long
for His Kingdom. 

Fortunately for us, through the Eucharist we are able to
receive Jesus physically and spiritually and to live in
His Body as He lives in ours.   And having Jesus inside 

us and living within Him, we are able to make the 
Kingdom present to our family and our community.  

Our God intended for us to have a share in His own
divinity.  All we have to do is accept God's Son into 
our hearts and follow His teachings.  Then you 
and I will be not far from the Kingdom. We will have  
Jesus in our midst, and we will be able
to dwell on God's holy mountain.


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our psalmist David asks us once again, "Who may
dwell on God's holy mountain?"  Drawing from the
verses of the Psalm, speak of what you are doing to
draw closer to God.

2.  The Psalm says that one who thinks the truth in his
heart will live in the presence of the Lord.  Describe how
you are making sure you have a pure heart so as to gain
favor with God.


  1. "What are you doing to draw closer to God?" I try to live a good life, I try to be uplifting and cheerful to those I come in contact with, and not counting phone calls and email messages, I spent over 5 hours at Interfaith this week. Lastly, I try to surround myself with really good people and thank God for all that He has given me.

  2. "Describe how you are making sure you have a pure heart so as to gain favor with God."
    In order to make sure that I have God's favor, I try to pray. I always pray in the car, on the way to school and ballet, but I also pray at night before I go to sleep by myself. Being by myself and praying by myself relaxes me more because no one else can hear me. I feel a peace at night after I pray which is why I enjoy it most. I believe that this feeling of peace is God's favor. Another reason I know this is because my mom always tells me that if you have God's favor, who can be against you?