Monday, December 24, 2018

Psalm for Sunday, December 30, 2018


Psalm 128:  1-2, 3, 4-5   (Read)

“Blessed are those who fear 
the Lord and walk in His ways.”

Our psalmist tells us that a man 

who has a right relationship with 
the Lord will also obtain a right 
relationship with his wife and his 
family.  If we have a right 
relationship with the Lord, 
we will know how to treat our 
wives and our children, and 
in turn, we will discover how 
blessed we are in our home and 
by the presence of our family.  
“Just so will the man be 
blessed who fears the Lord.”

And if a man walks with the Lord, this 

will be reflected in the way he loves his 
wife.  Because if a man cherishes his 
wife, as ‘flesh of his flesh’ and ‘bone of 
his bones,’ he nourishes his relationship 
with her, as Christ nourishes the Church.  
And the man’s reward is that his wife will 
be like a ‘fruitful vine’ within his house.  
This is how a man is blessed who fears 
the Lord.

Having been so favored by God,  we understand
why, 'A man shall leave his father and mother and 

cleave to his wife.'   God made them one flesh, and, 
'What God has joined, no human being may separate.'

If we fear the Lord and walk in His ways, we will receive

the blessings of our labor, prosper in a material way, and 
grow old gracefully in the company of our family.


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  The Psalm tells us how to gain God's favor so that our family life 

will be blessed.  What does it mean to you to fear the Lord and walk 
in His ways?

2.  We learn from our psalmist how to behave toward our wife and our 

children.  A right relationship with our family is obtained by having a right 
relationship with our Lord.  Explain how you are putting this teaching 
into practice.

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