Monday, July 10, 2017

Psalm for Sunday, July 16, 2017


Psalm 65: 10, 11, 12-13, 14  (Read)

“The Lord has visited the land 
and watered it; greatly has He 
enriched it.” 
Water is so critical for a place 
like the Holy Land, as it is here 
in the arid climate of Southern 
California. Without water we 
could not produce any fruit.
We are blessed that “God's 
watercourses are filled;”
and He provides us with an 
abundant harvest.

We also depend upon the Lord 
to supply us with what Jesus called 
the ‘living water’ that satisfies our 
spiritual thirst. Jesus is the Word 
that drenches us, adorns our year 
with plenty.  How else could we 
bear fruit?  With his showers He 
softens the land, blessing its young 
sprouts (that is us). We are like untilled 
meadows without his word and his grace.
How else could we expect our pastures 
to be blanketed with grain?

The Lord prepares the earth;
He adorns our paths with fruitful rain.
The hills are robed in joy.
God’s Word is showered down upon us,
and does not return to God void;
we do his will;
we are his witnesses;
we keep the faith.


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our psalmist speaks about the Lord having visited the land and watered it.   
Tell of how the Lord has drenched you with His living water that yields a fruitful 

2.  The Psalm assures us that the Lord breaks up the clods of the land and 
softens it with showers.  Give an example of how God's Word has softened 
you up spiritually and led you to do His will.



  1. Living in Southern California at this time of the year, we are continually reminded, especially at this time of the year, of how important water and sunshine are to our lifestyle. It is just too easy to just accept these God given gifts. Let us continue to praise and thank God.

  2. 1. The Lord works in many ways. He also works in mysterious ways. He drenches us with His living water that replenishes us and cleanses our spiritual selves. Currently, I am at a 5 week summer ballet intensive. (These summer intensives are basically like school, except you dance all day long and take classes such as ballet, pointe, Broadway jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and general rehearsals for the end performances). I have attended Houston Ballet, American Ballet Theatre in NYC, and now Kansas City Ballet.

    This year has been different in that I had to rely on the Lord like never before and allow Him to show me the right path. At first, I was very unhappy and didn't understand why He led me here for 5 long summer weeks. What I didn't realize were the small "miracle moments" happening every day that I had to look for. The Lord drenches me with these "miracle moments" when I dance -- whether it is a compliment from a friend or a teacher, or just enjoying my time and discovering more about myself and my passion for the many styles of dance. Slowly, the Lord creates a fruitful harvest.

    As we end the intensive next week, I have learned more about myself and have been given possibilities beyond my dreams -- for dance and for school. I rely on the Lord and He drenches me to generate a fruitful harvest in my life.

    2. God's Word and His will for me is something I have had to look for, pray about, and think about, for quite some time. The dance vs. school choice and which career to choose is very challenging and puts an extreme amount of pressure on students at such a young age.

    The professional ballerina life is a hard one and doesn't last very long. Many ballerinas do not go to college. However, dance is my passion, and I can create art with my body. I love movement. On the other hand, the college path is wonderful in so many ways and gives you opportunities to discover your academic passions and unbelievable career options. The only thing is that many college dance programs are not as serious as many dancers wish they were.

    During my time here at the summer intensive, I still think about what God's will is for me. The possibilities He has given me to dance and to study are truly wonderful, and I am very grateful. However, the road to get here wasn't easy. I struggled spiritually quite a bit this year.

    When I was finally living on my own for 5 weeks, I had to pray to God more than I ever had, and I regained my spiritual strength. I then saw the many ways God was trying to talk to me and soften me spiritually. While I may not know the exact plan or will He has in store for me, I do know and realize that there IS in fact a way to dance and go to college. God tells me there is a way to combine the two... maybe I will be a doctor for dancers, or even something that I don't know about yet. Whatever His plan is, I have learned to trust Him and breathe. Slowly, He will take you by the hand and soften you spiritually, guiding you in every step of your life.

  3. This psalm is the harvest psalm. God provides us with an abundant harvest both physically and spiritually. He waters the land, enriches it, and softens it with rains so that we
    can grow grains and produce many kinds of fruit. What a blessing that we are living by His provision!
    I am thankful for that.

    I want to glorify God for the beauty of nature, which He has created. Nature helps me to understand God’s character which is full of his love and generosity toward us. More than that, He pours out on me his living water. He showers me with the Holy Spirit, who guides me and leads me to
    eternal life with his words. Otherwise my spirituality can be so dry that I couldn't yield any fruits of the Spirit, which are love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness and self-control.

    Without the Holy Spirit's guidance I will be lost and off track. He often showers me with his wisdom, discernment, and determination to do His will. He is my provider.
    That’s why I shout for joy.