Monday, June 12, 2017

Psalm for Sunday, June 18, 2017


“With the best of wheat he fills you.”

God has been a provider to His 
people ever since He created us. 
But the beauty of His providence 
is that He provides for us spiritually 
as well as physically. During the 
Liturgy of the Eucharist, as the gifts 
are being prepared, the priest says,
Through your goodness we have this 
bread to offer, which earth has given, 
it will become for us the bread of life.”

We are nourished by the Eucharist, by the body
and blood of our Lord Jesus. And that is where
our life comes from, our hope, our salvation.
All we have to do is receive Him with a clean heart
and avoid partaking of the “table of demons” (1 Cor 10: 20).

Our Lord's body is real food, and when we eat it
we are given a share in the divine life. During
the Mass the celebrant prays, “By the mystery
of this water and wine may we come to share in
the divinity of Christ, who humbled Himself
to share in our humanity.”

St Paul says in this Sunday's 2nd reading
that we all “partake of the one loaf” (1 Cor 10: 17).
We share in the bread of life, and our Savior's body 
is a source of nourishment for us. This Sunday's
Gospel reminds us that Jesus is the living bread
from heaven. (John 6: 51-58)  Praise God!


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  The Psalm speaks of our Lord as being a good provider; He fills
us with the 
best of wheat.  Speak of how you are nourished by the real  food of the Eucharist.

2.  Our psalmist declares that God's word runs swiftly as the Lord sends
forth His 
command to the earth.  These verses allude to the power of God's word in our lives.   
Tell of how you receive the word of God and how it affects you.

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  1. Since He created human beings, He has been a provider. He provides for us spiritually as well as physically through the Eucharist. He becomes for us the bread of life - the body and blood of Christ which nourishes us, so that our faith can be strengthened. His body becomes real food when we receive it and His blood real drink. At the same time we can share in His divine life while He shares in our humanity.
    That’s why Jesus Christ’s body and blood is a source of nourishment - the spiritual food for us.

    I long for Him when my spirituality is down. He lifts me up with the hope of resurrection from death. He is the living bread from heaven God offers us. I belong to Him whenever I receive it. Jesus is a real person who abides in me, to guide me and heal me, encourage me. I feel I am in union with Him and closer to Him when I receive Him. He comforts me when I am down. He becomes a life-companion for me. He grants me his peace and satisfies me with the finest wheat. I am not alone; He is with me. For that I praise God because He satisfies me, fills me with the finest of wheat, the body and blood of Christ.