Monday, May 30, 2016

Psalm for Sunday, June 5, 2016


Psalm 30: 2, 4, 5-6, 11, 12, 13  (Read)

“I praise you Lord, for you 
raised me up; you let me live.”
God did not make death, nor 
does He rejoice at the destruction 
of the living. His divine favor lasts 
a lifetime.

In the words of our psalmist, we too,
by the grace of God, are able to be 
saved from going down into the pit.

We too are eligible for a spiritual
resurrection if our faith is strong.

We may be rebuked by God for 
disobeying Him. We are, after all, 
his wayward children, and He loves 
us as a Father loves his own.   
God's compassion and mercy are 
with us not only in this life but in 
eternity.  “God's anger lasts but a 
moment; His favor lasts a lifetime.”

Our Lord Jesus himself was raised up
from the pit by the Father, even though
He bore the weight of our sins.  
God’s anger lasted but a moment.
The joy of resurrection comes to us at 
dawn, after a terrible night, as it came 
to those early followers of Jesus. 
“At nightfall, weeping enters in, but with 
the dawn there is rejoicing.”

And that alone is reason enough to 
change our 'mourning into dancing,'
to clothe us with gladness. We are
prompted to sing endless praise to 
the Lord.  “O LORD, my God, forever
will I give you thanks.”


Discussion Questions for Reflection
1.  Our psalmist tells us that God's anger lasts but a moment, while His 
favor lasts a lifetime.  Tell of how you have been rebuked by the Lord, 
and following repentance, how you have received His grace.  

2.  The Psalm is about being rescued by the Lord and how God lifts us 
out of the pit.  Speak of how you have been saved by the Lord and brought 
up from a sinful existence.

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  1. When we act against God, or fail to act as He desires, within our family, toward our neighbors, toward our community, we know when we’ve done wrong in God’s eyes (sin). The bigger the offense (sin), the more guilt we feel. That’s God letting us know He is displeased with us. The closer we are to God, the less likely we are to sin. So, stay close to God.