Monday, October 19, 2015

Psalm for Sunday, October 25, 2015


Psalm 126:  1-2, 2-3, 4-5, 6  (Read)

“Restore our fortunes, O Lord.”

This Sunday's Psalm celebrates the 
reversal of Israel’s fortune, and return
from exile, which could not have
occurred without God’s intervention.
The psalm's verses reflect praise for 

what the Lord has done.  “The Lord 
has done great things for them.”

The psalm is also a petition asking 

the Lord to look after the future of the
remaining Israelites.  And there is an
expectation that God will guide them 

in achieving prosperity.

“Restore again our fortunes, Lord, 

like the dry stream beds of the Negeb.”  
This calls to mind our lst reading from 
Jeremiah, where God promises to lead 
the remnant of Israel to brooks of water,
on a level road, so that none shall
stumble.   (Jeremiah 31:9)   We too are 

looking for that water which restores
and renews, cleanses us and purifies us, 
that living water which satisfies our
spiritual thirst.

The Psalm also reminds us the truly great thing 

the Lord has done for us is to send his only
begotten Son to be by our side.  Jesus’ presence 

in our lives is a guarantee of a spiritual harvest 
that will lead to our own salvation.  Just as 
Bartimaeus, the blind man in the Gospel, is saved
by his own faith, the Lord promises us a transition 

from a sinful existence to a world of joy.  (Mark 10:52)

The Psalm says it well, “Those who go forth weeping, 

carrying the seed to be sown, shall come back rejoicing,
carrying their sheaves.”  And therein lies a lesson for us – 

to let go of our own baggage, and pick up the Lord’s
burden, because we know his yoke is easy.

Whatever type of spiritual exile may imprison us, Jesus 

shows us a way out.  God is in the business of deliverance.

As the prophet Jeremiah confirms, we go among the blind 

and the lame to the promised land. (Jeremiah 31:8) 
We carry our sacks with us and within those seeds that 
we sow is contained the promise of new life, the reversal 
of whatever misfortune may trouble us.  When the
harvest comes in, we can join with the psalmist and sing, 

"Our mouths are filled with laughter, our tongues sing for joy.”



Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  The Psalm alludes to a reversal of spiritual exile that may apply to people like us.  

Tell of how the Lord has brought you back from a time of being distant from Him.

2.  Our psalmist suggests that we carry the seeds of our own salvation even while 

we go forth weeping.  Speak of how your faith has saved you, when you looked 
to the Lord for healing.


  1. Rudy H6:20 PM

    They that sow in tears shall reap in joy - Though the sowing of seed is a work of labor and sorrow - often a work so burdening the farmer that he weeps - yet the return - the harvest - is accompanied with rejoicing.

    Thus it is in respect to the pain of the farmer; the cares and anxieties of the student; the work of conversion and repentance; the labors of the Christian priest; the efforts of the school teacher; the faithfulness of the Christian parent; the endeavors of a church for a revival of religion; the zeal and sacrifice of the Christian missionary.

    The particular allusion here is to the exiles, in their long and weary march to their native land. It was a work of tears, but there would be joy.

    Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be forever comforted. When we mourn for our sins, or suffer for Christ's sake, we are sowing in tears, to reap in joy.

  2. We could not return from our spiritual exile without God's intervention. Whenever I feel distant from Him, I am looking for the living water which satisfies my spiritual thirst, that water Jesus provides which restores, renews and cleanses us, and purifies us and makes us whole.

    I was carrying my own baggage for many years. My burden was so heavy to carry by myself. Finally I looked to the Lord for healing, both physical and spiritual. I was not healed physically, but spiritually I feel close to Him due to my suffering. In this way my faith is strengthened. Jesus shows me a way out -- spiritual deliverance. Jesus' presence in my life is my hope because God is in the business of deliverance.

    Restore my physical fortunes in your due time, O Lord. And then my heart will sing for joy and my mouth shall praise your name. Thank you for reminding me Jesus' yoke is easy and that our Jesus can carry my baggage for me.

  3. Tony C6:26 PM

    The Psalms are a tool to open wide my soul for my inner child of God to embrace the faith of His Son Jesus Christ, where He empowers me to confess my sins and be renewed and washed clean with His living water.

  4. J Kim6:31 PM

    This Psalm is full of excitement and hope. Verse 3 is a familiar Mass response: "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." I have been rescued time and again from situations with no human solution. Only divine intervention could have cured a hardened heart against me or changed a course of events in my favor. Trials bring us closer to God and our hearts soar with joy when He releases us from these worldly prisons.

    "Restore our fortunes, O Lord..." in verse 4, again reflects God's limitless power to help us. He can correct not only our future path but fix and reverse past damage or loss. In so doing, he often works to correct our spiritual vision as well.

    In this week's Gospel, we learn the story of Bartimaeus' healing; he may have been physically blind, but had spiritual 20/20 in his recognition of the Messiah. How many of us are sighted, but spiritually blinded by sin? God allows the hardships in our lives to grow our trust and make the scales fall off of our eyes to see afresh. Then, we can return "with songs of joy" as written in verses 5 and 6.

  5. Our experience is that when you have a lot……you want more. And, in times of need, most of us are far more appreciative of what we do have. Last weekend the homily was about the migrants who are working their way towards Northwestern Europe. Look at all the fields where the migrants have passed by; they are filled with backpacks, blankets, jackets, trash etc, etc. A message for us as we go through life, is to let go of all the stuff that is not important….get rid of the stuff. We’ve started going to St. Mary's on Wednesday evenings and praying for world peace. Our world is becoming a scary place. Look at what is happening in our own country, with the weather, spirituality, morality etc.