Monday, September 21, 2015

Psalm for Sunday, September 27, 2015


Psalm 19: 8, 10, 12-13, 14  (Read)

“The precepts of the Lord give joy to the heart.”

This Sunday's Psalm celebrates the Law of 
the Lord, first given to Moses on Mt Sinai.  
But it also tells us what God’s Law reveals 
about our Creator, and about the joy that is 
stirred up in our hearts when we follow the 
Lord’s commands.

If I am to imitate the divine life, everything 

I need to know is found in God’s Law.  Our 
psalmist David shows me that the Law of 
Moses is an instruction manual for life.   
I learn that obeying the Law does not prevent
me from being happy or limit me in a negative way.   

Instead, obeying the Law brings much reward.
I am kept from willful sins by the Law.  Obey the Law 

and I will not be controlled by sin and instead will be 
able to walk as a God fearing person.  I may think
of statutes as something intended to control me or 

restrict me.   But as our psalmist explains, the Law 
of the Lord does the opposite – it is in fact a source
of joy, something to be desired.  This is so because

the Law gives me wisdom and provides me with 
something I can trust.

“His ordinances are true, all of them just.”
Far more than a set of rules that I cannot hope to follow, 

God’s commandments refresh my soul.  They give 
‘wisdom to the simple,’ they are more 'desirable than
gold, sweeter also than honey.'

It is through the inspired Word of God that I know His 

commandments and through this Psalm that I know
His Law is a source of refreshment, a source of joy.   

His statutes do not bind me, they set me free.

The reading of the Law should not make me sad, but 

be a source of rejoicing.   Give me ears to hear!


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our Psalm Response this Sunday is, "The precepts of the Lord
give joy to the heart."   Do you believe that the Lord's commandments
can be a source of joy, instead of a set of rules and restrictions?   Explain.

2.  Our psalmist says that the 'decree of the Lord gives wisdom to the simple.' 
Describe how God's Law inspires you to celebrate God's perfection and helps
you to imitate the divine life.


  1. For the God fearing people on this earth, the 10 commandments should be a source of joy. God lays it out, as to what He expects from us. It’s not unclear or between the lines. It’s in bold print. If we obey God’s laws, we will not be controlled by sin.

    I read today an editorial about Pope Francis. It said ……don’t get all caught up in what the TV or newspapers are saying that Pope Francis is saying. Instead, look at what He is doing and who He’s visiting with…the poor, needy, prisoners, young children …. people that are on the fringes of society. He imitates Mother Teresa. What He says tomorrow about refugees should be very enlightening.

  2. To keep the Lord's commandments was in a way somehow burdensome to me because there are so many "don'ts" and "do's," which to most people are rules and restrictions. I felt bound and limited in a negative way.

    But the more I study the Bible, the more I have come to know that His ordinances are true and just. And also God's law and precepts are an instruction manual for life and a guide-post on the road to arrive at our destination safely. The Law helps to prevent sinning against God. His statutes give me wisdom and discernment to know right from wrong.

    And so His precepts have become a source of comfort and a source of joy to me. I surely know what I should do to please God: obey His Precepts. He provides us clear guide lines even if it is impossible for me to keep them all. But on my part. I simply keep trying hard to imitate the divine way by obeying His Law.