Monday, August 31, 2015

Psalm for Sunday, September 6, 2015


Psalm 146:  7, 8-9, 9-10  (Read)

“The Lord raises up those who were bowed down.”

Our psalmist is singing about God's 
promises to the oppressed, the hungry, 
the prisoner, the blind, and those of us 
who are bowed down in one way or another.

We could all benefit by being set free in the 

Spirit or healed so that we are no longer 
blinded.   Then we too would no longer be 
lame, but would be able to “leap like a stag,” 
as the prophet Isaiah foresees in this 
Sunday's 1st reading.  (Isaiah 35:5-6)

The Psalm is telling me that I really need 

to humble myself if I want to be raised up 
with Jesus.  That may be hard to do if it 
means I have to swallow my pride and put 
aside worldly concerns.   But it I truly want 
to be set free from the sins that bind me, 
then I need to repent and bow down before 
the Lord, accept my brokenness, and seek 
his grace.  Only then will I begin 
to have a right relationship with the Lord.

And where do I turn to be lifted up and made whole again?  

I turn to the Lord.  Where else are the promises of our God 
fulfilled but in the healing ministry of Jesus, as this Sunday's 
Gospel tells me.  (Mark 7:31-37)   Who else has the grace 
and the mercy to heal me?

Christ carries out the promises of the Psalm – He sets us 

captives free and gives sight to us so we can truly see.
The Lord raises me up when I am down – He sustains me – 

with real food and drink.

So I can pray this Psalm, not only in honor of the heavenly Father,
but also in honor of Christ Jesus, whom God exalted.  

“The Lord shall reign forever, through all generations.”


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our psalmist says, "The Lord sets captives free."   In what ways are you captive, 

and how has the Lord set you free?

2.  The Psalm proclaims, "The Lord gives sight to the blind."  In what areas of your 

life were you not able to see things clearly, and give an example of how the Lord 
has enabled you to regain your sight.


  1. I’m a firm believer that each of us must live a life that consists of Faith and Good Works. “Faith that is not accompanied by action is dead.” Since the Interfaith Food Drive in Emerald Heights started 5 years ago, “The Together We Can Club" has collected 11,359 items. And, we received $135 in cash at the last food drive which Interfaith used to buy protein from Feeding America.

    If you figure a can weighs a pound, and if Interfaith can buy food for 18 cents a pound, then, in theory, we can stretch a $1 to buy 5 cans of food. Just like the Good Lord with the loaves and fishes! Showing once again that when good people unite for a good cause….good things happen. People acting together can accomplish much more than individuals acting separately. Pray for us that our food drive on Saturday, October 3rd will be another very successful event.

  2. I came to realize that Jesus' values are the opposite of society's when I read the Psalm verse, "The Lord raises up those who were bowed down."

    We could all benefit by being humble, bow down, and repent of our sins. In fact we are the oppressed, hungry prisoners, the blind, that Jesus came to raise up. He can set us free from sins that bind us spiritually, physically, and also emotionally.
    We are no longer blinded and oppressed if we bow down and repent.

    Sometimes, from time to time I am wrapped up with worldly concerns. No matter how hard I try to put them aside, I become blinded by sin. God gives me the spiritual insight how to get out from that pit -- Repent and Obey.

    Because He is near to the broken-spirited. Jesus helped me to open my eyes. I am able to regain my insight to see who is my true God.

  3. J Kim5:04 PM

    Psalm 146 brings great comfort to me. In the natural world, I am oppressed, hungry, and imprisoned (v.7), blind and bowed down (v.8), and a stranger in many circles (v.9).

    God's kingdom rules are the reverse: He upholds me, feeds me and frees me (v.7). In verse 8, He gives me vision and lifts me up. He also watches over and sustains me when I feel alone(v.9). All of these verbs shake me into the reality that our God is ACTIVE in our lives; He isn't merely a passive, perfect being but one who welcomes interaction.

    God is always there with open arms in any of my distracted moments, beckoning me to lean on Him. I wean myself from the pillars of this world, which gleam on the outside but rot on the inside with instability. Pillars such as physical youth and beauty, money, social standing, and pride. Instead, I do my best to invest my heart in what is lasting. And I praise His name forever for being such a dynamic and engaging God.