Monday, August 4, 2014

Psalm for Sunday, August 10, 2014


Psalm 85:  9, 10, 11-12, 13-14 (Read)

“I will hear what God proclaims;
glory dwelling in our land.”

Our psalmist knows the importance of
listening carefully for the voice of the Lord.
For as Elijah discovers in our 1st reading,
God is not in the wind, nor the earthquake,
nor the fire.   Rather, God appears to Elijah
as a tiny whispering sound. (1 Kings 19)
We too must listen attentively for the voice
of the Lord and be careful not to miss His
presence among us.

How do we seek Him out?
Where do we find the Lord?
We find Him when we read and study
his Word, his living Word,
as fresh now as it was thousands
of years ago.   For His Word is
as penetrating as a two edged sword,
able to separate bone from marrow.
His Word convicts us,
pointing the way to salvation.
As our psalmist says,
“Near indeed is His salvation
for those who fear Him.”

Our psalmist prepares the way of the Lord --
“Truth shall spring out of the earth,”
(when the Messiah is born).
The goodness and blessings
that the psalmist speaks about
are fulfilled in Christ. 
For our Savior is truly,
“Glory dwelling in our land.”


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our psalmist affirms that he will hear what God proclaims.
Tell of how you listen for the voice of the Lord and what He is
saying to you.

2.  The Psalm proclaims that truth shall spring out of the earth
and there will be 'glory dwelling in our land.'   Speak of how our
Lord appears before you and how He is present to you.


  1. These are wise, wise words regarding this Sunday’s Psalm, “Listen attentively and be careful not to miss His voice.” He’s there and talking to us, but we have to slow down and listen.

  2. 2. The Lord appears before me and I always feel His presence in my surroundings. One example of His "appearance" in my life, would be this week. Currently, I am at a Russian ballet camp and each day gets better and better. The first day I was so afraid and nervous, but I remembered to pray to Him. The next thing I know, I am having so much fun, making friends, and learning lots. I pray to the Lord during ballet class sometimes when I feel nervous. The Lord hears me and answers my prayers by allowing me to do really well. Even if it is really hard, I always remember that I dance for the Lord, and I am so grateful for His presence and for the mysterious ways He comes into my life, in the ballet studio and out.

  3. 1. Often times, when I am getting a quick rest on the bench during football and basketball games, I can hear Him talking to me. Often He is telling me to stay humble. I usually hear His voice if I sit back, and remain quiet for a few seconds.

    2. Much like my sister, when I get nervous before games I pray and lift everything up to The Lord. I feel this certain feeling of Him taking pressure off my shoulders. Whenever I need a little reassurance, I know I can always rely on God to assist me. Also like my sister, God answers my prayers by allowing me to make the big play, and putting my team ahead.

  4. Minna9:16 PM

    The Lord speaks to us in many ways. Whether we choose to listen is the question. There have been many times that I later realized and believed that our Lord was trying to tell me something. Through the Holy Spirit while at church, or through acquaintances there have been several times I have found Him trying to communicate. I find comfort knowing that He is there for me. Please Lord open my eyes and ears so I can hear you and respond.