Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Psalm for Sunday, December 8, 2013


Psalm 72:  1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17 (Read)

“May He rule from sea to sea, and
from the River to the ends of the earth.”

Our psalmist (Solomon) speaks about a
perfect king – a king who judges like God,
governs His people with justice, His afflicted
with right judgment.  The psalm's verses speak
of a king that is to live as long as the sun endures,
like the moon through all generations.

The more we read the Psalm, the more it tells us
about the Messiah to come – “May all kings bow
before him, all nations serve him.” He is to fulfill
all the hopes placed upon Him by the prophets.
And, “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him,”
as Isaiah says beautifully in this Sunday's 1st reading.

Only the expected Messiah can receive from God
the wisdom and judgment to govern the people with
justice.  The Messiah brings great prosperity and
rules the promised land from sea to sea.

The Psalm's verses recall for us our Savior's
promises, to rescue us when we cry out and save us
when we are oppressed.  He lifts us up when we are
poor in spirit.

We see the light -- the Messiah is revealed to us Christians
as Christ our King.  “May His name be blessed forever;
as long as the sun His name shall remain.”



Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  This Sunday's Psalm speaks of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, 

who is to be endowed by God as a just King.   Describe how you will
make room for the Lord in your life so that He may govern how you conduct 

yourself this Advent season.

2.  Our psalmist writes about the profound peace that will flourish when the 

Messiah arrives.   Tell of how you will receive the Lord's peace during Advent 
and how this will affect your life.


  1. The perfect King, who is our Lord and Messiah, will govern and rule with justice and righteousness. Solomon, our psalmist, recalls that the Messiah will defend the afflicted, and He will have pity on the weak and the needy. He will deliver the needy
    who cry out. He cares for them. How great a God we have!!!

    Through Him I will be blessed. He does marvelous deeds. The whole earth will be filled with his glory. His name will be blessed forever bringing me profound peace and bringing prosperity among us.

    Since l know God cares so much about those who are in need, during Advent I'll put in practice the lesson I've just learned, "To serve God's people is to serve God." I intend to demonstrate the transforming love of Christ with kindness and forgiveness to my relatives and my neighbors during this Advent season.

  2. "Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is endowed by God as a just King."

    A lot to think about here.......... a kingly salutation, the permanent gifting of the talents/natural gifts of being a completely fair, and just King, by the Perfect God Himself. This would recognize that Our Lord Jesus Christ is/was more just than the great King Solomon.

    When the Messiah arrives, there will be perfect peace, prosperity, and calmness.....impossible to imagine or compare with any type of earthly tranquility. Something to definitely look forward to.