Monday, September 23, 2013

Psalm for Sunday, September 29, 2013


Psalm 146:  7, 8-9, 9-10 (Read)

“The Lord gives food to the hungry,
sets captives free.”


Christ Jesus carries out the promises of the Psalm; He sets us captives free and gives sight to us so we can truly see.

The Lord raises us up when we are down. He sustains us -- with real food and drink. Who among us is not hungry for a closer relationship with The Lord?  

You may ask, “When were we oppressed,
or hungry, or in prison?”  Have we not
been under pressure from the evil one
to commit sin?  Have we not been held
captive at one time or another by our sins?
And do we not experience a hunger for
the Lord and for a deeper faith?


That same power that gives sight to the
blind and raises up those who are bowed
down is available to free us from whatever
imprisons us.  All it takes is to receive Him
and open our hearts to our Savior.

The Psalm is telling us we really need
to humble ourselves if we want to be
raised up with Jesus.  That may be hard
to do if it means we have to swallow our pride
and put aside worldly concerns.   But if we truly
want to be set free from the sins that bind us,
then we need to repent and bow down
before the Lord, accept our brokenness,
and seek His healing ministry.  Only then
will we begin to have a right relationship
with the Lord.


Having done so, we can pray this Psalm,
not only in honor of the heavenly Father,
but also in honor of Christ Jesus, whom
God exalted.  We then join with the psalmist
and sing, “The Lord shall reign forever;
our God, through all generations.”



Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our psalmist assures us that the Lord gives food 
to the hungry.   Describe how your spiritual hunger
is satisfied by the nourishment you receive from God.

2.  The Psalm says that the Lord thwarts the way of 
the wicked.   Reflect on your experience and give an 
example of how the Lord has overcome evil that was 
a threat to you.

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  1. It's when times are good, that we tend to forget the Good Lord Himself. We tend to take personal credit for the good times, and throw a lot of blame around when times are not so good. So, it's when times are good, that we need to swallow our pride and worldly concerns, and properly thank the Almighty. It's important to stay close to the Almighty in both the good times and the bad.