Monday, May 13, 2013

Psalm for Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013


Psalm 104:  1, 24, 29-30, 31, 34

“When you send forth
your spirit, they are created.”

Animated by the Spirit, the divine breath,
we who are His creatures sing of the glory
of our Creator.

“When you send forth your Spirit,
you renew the face of the earth.”
God our Creator is the source of all natural
life.  So also the Holy Spirit is the source
of all supernatural life.  We are nothing
without the divine breath --
“When you take away their breath,
they perish and return to their dust.”

It is this same creative breath that came
down on the disciples in that locked room
St. Luke speaks of in our 1st reading.
The Holy Spirit empowered the disciples
to go forth and proclaim the Gospel boldly
to men of all nations, speaking different tongues.

We too are called to be baptized in the Spirit,
and to receive the divine breath of the Lord.
Having been baptized in the Spirit, we are a
new creation, and are called to glorify the Lord
in what we do.  In this way, as the Psalm says,
“May the Lord be glad in his works.”

Fortunately, for us too, the Spirit is manifested
in each of us for some benefit, as St. Paul reminds
us in our 2nd reading.  All we have to do is
accept Christ and believe in him.

Without the breath of the Holy Spirit, we have
no spiritual life.  But thanks to God's gift,
we are a new creation; we are baptized into Christ,
and we share in the divinity of our Lord.
And that alone gives us reason to praise God.
As our psalmist says, “Pleasing to him be my theme;
I will be glad in the Lord.”


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  As in our Psalm, do you also feel the presence
of the 'divine breath' in your spiritual life?  Speak of
how the Holy Spirit is at work in your life.

2.  Our psalmist says that the Spirit of the Lord
'renews the face of the earth.'   Tell of how you are
a new creation, after having been baptized in the Holy Spirit.


  1. How do you build a personal relationship with the Lord?

    1. As the Nike ad says......"just do it." Don't worry about perfecting the delivery....the Lord just wants to see us trying.

    2. Start by thanking the Lord for all that He's done for us.....that should be easy.

    3. Pray for others, pray for world peace, pray for international justice for everybody, all the time.

    4. Pray for enlightened, socially conscience leadership.

    5. And, when you have established a relationship with the Lord, don't hesitate to ask for help...He wants to help us.

  2. I am being renewed by the Holy Spirit. The moment I was baptized into Christ, I became a new creation inside. But outside I'm still struggling to avoid temptation.

    In many great ways we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Look at the apostles' lives -- they were cowards and afraid of witnessing for Jesus. Now after Pentecost when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit, they are totally changed into new persons, becoming bold and courageous in front of others, witnessing and praising God. That's the same way we'll be.

    First of all, I have a new experience of God and awareness of his love for me in a special way. The Holy Spirit gave me insight into the Scriptures so that I can understand and see them better.
    In doing so, I have a desire to glorify Jesus for what He has done for me. I received a praising spirit and can overcome temptation. On a daily basis I could receive His guidance whenever I ask Him in His name. Truly the Holy Spirit is our comforter and counselor.