Monday, December 10, 2012

Psalm for Sunday, December 16, 2012


Isaiah 12: 2-3, 4, 5-6

 "God indeed is my salvation."

This is a Song of Thanksgiving from the
prophet Isaiah, expressed in the language
of the Psalms.  But the prophet is also
speaking about salvation -- “God indeed
is my salvation.”  And there is more –
“With joy you will draw water from the
fountains of salvation.”

These verses speak to us of our Savior
and are in keeping with the theme of
our 1st reading, from the Book of Zephaniah, 
“The Lord our God is a mighty savior.”

And how should we feel about being saved?
We are to “rejoice in the Lord always,”
as St. Paul tells us in our 2nd Reading from
the Letter to the Philippians.

And what effect does the promise of salvation
have on us?  We draw strength from our saving
relationship with God – Isaiah says it for us,
“I am confident and unafraid.”  (Remember,
God’s perfect love drives out fear.)  Isaiah
gives us further evidence, “My strength and
my courage is the Lord.”

And where does the power come from that
is the source of our courage?   It comes from
our baptism, first with water, then from our
baptism in the Holy Spirit.  This is the good
news that John preached in our Gospel reading,
when he promised that the Christ would
baptize us with the Holy Spirit.

Finally, Isaiah reminds us, during this season
of Advent, that we are to sing praise to the Lord --
“Let the good news be known throughout all
the earth!”  We are to “shout with exultation,
for great in our midst, is the Holy One of Israel!”


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our Response this Sunday is, 'Cry out with joy and gladness:
for among you is the great and Holy One of Israel.'   Describe how
you prepare to receive Jesus inside your heart d
uring this season
of Advent.

2.  Isaiah says, 'My strength and my courage is the Lord.'   Explain
what this verse means to you, especially at this time of the year.


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