Monday, November 5, 2012

Psalm for Sunday, November 11, 2012


Psalm 146:  7, 8-9, 9-10

“The Lord gives food to the hungry,
sets captives free.”

The Psalm sings of the promises

of the prophets.   Just as Elijah
promised the widow in our lst reading
that she would not go hungry,
so does the Psalm promise that
the Lord will give food to the hungry.

But the Lord’s promises go far

beyond flour and oil.  His promises
are fulfilled in the arrival of Jesus,
who once and for all appears before us,
and who is that holy sacrifice that
redeems us (Hebrews, 2nd reading).

Christ carries out the promises of

the Psalm – He sets us captives free
and gives sight to us so we can truly see.

As in the Gospel and the story of

the poor widow, the Lord raises us
up when we are down.  He sustains us --
with real food and drink.

“The Lord raises up those who were

bowed down.”  We are all bowed down
because of our brokenness at one time
or another.  And where do we turn
to be lifted up and made whole again?
We turn to the Lord.  Who else has
the grace and the mercy to heal us?

The Psalm contains encouraging words

not only for poor widows but for each
of us as well.  When were we oppressed,
or hungry, or in prison?  Have we not
been under pressure from the evil one
to commit sin?  Have we not been held
captive at one time or another by our sins?
And do we not experience a hunger for
the Lord and for a deeper faith?

That same power that gives sight to the

blind and raises up those who are bowed
down is available to lift us up away
from whatever imprisons us.  All it takes
is to receive Him and open our hearts
to the Lord our Savior.

So we can pray this Psalm, not only in

honor of the heavenly Father, but also
in honor of Christ, whom God exalted.
And having done that, we can join with
the psalmist and sing, “The Lord shall
reign forever; our God, through all


Discussion Questions for Reflection

Our psalmist promises that the Lord will secure justice
for the oppressed and set captives free.   In what ways have
you been imprisoned, and how has the Lord set you free?

2.  The Psalm says the Lord gives food to the hungry. 
Describe how the Lord has given you real food and drink
to satisfy your hunger for a closer relationship with Him.


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    One night I tried to fall asleep; I closed my eyes hoping I could sleep peacefully. But I had been under pressure from the evil one to commit sin. I kept thinking about and counting my brother's wrong-doings which he had done to me and which made me so furious and angry. How could he be so mean and so ungrateful? These lingering thoughts bothered me and kept me awake all night along. Furthermore, I felt full of self-pity for not being loved by him and for not being able to reach out to him with love. With so much frustration, I told myself I have to make a decision whether to ignore him completely or to forgive him. To get him out of my life was not the best solution. I know who was my worst enemy - Satan. I started to pray to set me free for deliverance. I asked God to forgive my unloving and unforgiving actions against him, and I asked myself how many times I was ungrateful to God. He must have been hurt so many hundred times because of my wrongdoings and sins I committed. At that, I decided to go to confession the next day for His Grace. I did. He lifted me up and broke the chains of my sins. I learned a lesson. From now on I'll go to Him and bow down before Him in order to set the captive free from whatever imprisons me.

  2. The "evil one" is alive and well, and a tireless worker. All of us have been negatively impacted by him. One of the ways we are imprisoned by him is by our fears/procrastination in dealing with a negative situation. Through prayer, the Good Lord can give us courage, and the strength to deal with the situation and set us free. How often is the crisis not nearly as bad as what we were worried about. God helps us see and deal with what is "blocking the joy". Rejoice in the Lord and give service to the community.