Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Psalm for Sunday, September 9, 2012

“The Lord raises up those who were bowed down.”

Our psalmist is singing about
God's promises to the oppressed,
the mute, the hungry, the prisoner, 
the blind, and those who are bowed 
down in one way or another.

We could all benefit by being set free
in the Spirit or healed so that
we are no longer mute or blinded. 
Then we too would no longer be lame,
but would be able to “leap like a stag,”
as the prophet Isaiah foresees
in our 1st reading.

The Psalm is telling us we really need
to humble ourselves if we want
to be raised up with Jesus.
That may be hard to do if it means
we have to swallow our pride
and put aside worldly concerns. 
But it we truly want to be set free
from the sins that bind us,
then we need to repent and bow down
before the Lord, accept our brokenness,
and seek his grace.
Only then will we begin to have
a right relationship with the Lord.

And where do we turn to be lifted up
and made whole again?  We turn
to the Lord.  Where else are the promises
of our God fulfilled but in the healing
ministry of Jesus, as the Gospel tells us.
Who else has the grace and the mercy
to heal us?

Christ carries out the promises
of the Psalm – He sets us captives free
and gives sight to us so we can truly see.
The Lord raises us up when we
are down – he sustains us -- with
real food and drink.

So we can pray this Psalm, not only
in honor of the heavenly Father,
but also in honor of Christ, whom
God exalted.  “The Lord shall reign
forever, through all generations.”


Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our psalmist says, "The Lord sets captives 
free."   In what ways are you captive, and how 
has the Lord set you free?

2.  The Psalm proclaims, "The Lord gives sight 
to the blind."  In what areas of your life were 
you not able to see things clearly, and give an 
example of how the Lord has enabled you 
to regain your sight.

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  1. The Lord has set us free.........with lots and lots of choices. The young have the greatest difficulty in seeing clearly....there are too many distractions and temptations. It's God's plan however, to help those of us that are aging, to see the true meaning of life more clearly and act accordingly.