Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Psalm for Sunday, January 22, 2012


Psalm 25:  4-5, 6-7, 8-9

Our Psalm is about God’s unfailing love
and his gentle guidance that is available to us.
All we have to do is trust him and humble ourselves,
and he will lead us back to the right path --
 “Make known to me your ways, Lord;
teach me your paths.”
Our psalmist David humbly
offers up his sins to God his savior,
and waits for God’s guidance.
“The Lord guides the humble rightly,
and teaches the humble his way.”

In the Gospel for this Sunday
the early disciples leave their nets
and their families behind
when Jesus calls out to them.
Jesus had a plan for his disciples,
as he singled them out to serve him.
God had a plan for Jonah as well (lst reading );
his mission was to warn the people of Nineveh
to repent and turn to the Lord.

St. Paul in our 2nd reading
has a similar message for all of us,
that time is running out and
any day now would be an acceptable day for us
to focus on our own salvation.
The Lord is there to guide us,
as he was in the days of David,
when he wrote the Psalm.
David has it right when  he says
‘Good and upright is the Lord,
who shows sinners the way.’

Whether it's through a Jonah
in our midst or through the
teaching of St. Paul (time is running out),
the message of the Lord is clear –
“Repent and believe in the Gospel.”
We can't necessarily do this on our own,
but as our psalmist says,  
'the Lord shows sinners the way,'
just as he did that day
by the sea of Galilee when he called those
early disciples to follow him.

The Lord is talking to all of us here;
we are all sinners.
We are all able to benefit
from the healing power of Jesus.
And where does the power come from
to turn away from sin?  
It comes from the Lord, who “shows sinners the way.”  
It is  He who encourages us when our tongues confess –
“Remember no more the sins of my youth;
remember me only in light of your love.”


 Discussion Questions for Reflection

1.  Our psalmist petitions the Lord to 'Teach me your ways.'
How do you go about learning the ways of the Lord? 
Tell how the verses of the Psalm help you understand the ways of the Lord.

2.  Our Psalm says the Lord 'shows sinners the way.'
Give an example of how you have been guided by the Lord
to turn away from sin and repent.


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  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Reflection on Discussion Questions

    1. By reading the Word and learning from his Word, I recognize him as Good, Mercy, Love,
    and upright. Therefore He shows me how to choose his way. To seek God, to
    put my hope in God and obey his command, I'll gain his wisdom and get God's
    direction for my life. God teaches the humble his way. And also He instructs
    sinners in his ways----"Good and upright is the Lord."
    The Lord confides in those who fear him. Guard my life and rescue me, and
    protect from the snare. By crying out to God, saying the troubles of my heart (my distress,
    affliction and anguish), God can turn the worst of my problems into something
    wonderful--I can be victorious.

    2. I was so prideful and stubborn and also rebellious. God made me realize I could
    be set free in Him. God was doing a work in me. I started a verbal argument with
    someone dear to me. I lost my temper. The word "killing" came out of my mouth.
    At the moment I was in shock. I felt so ashamed. That horrible word kept coming
    back to me. It made me miserable. Finally I repented. I started to pray to the Holy Spirit
    in tongues to show me which area in my life is ruled by Satan. I kept praying
    for deliverance. All of sudden, I experienced his Grace. My sin was forgiven.
    I felt I am being transformed into the image of God gradually because of his mercy.